• Moldavite


  • Kód výrobku: kniha
  • Dostupnost: Na skladě
  • ISBN 978-80-7296-102-3
  • EAN 9788072961023
  • 495 Kč

  • Cena bez DPH: 450 Kč

This publication presents Moldavite to readers in all possible contexts. The book explains the creation of Moldavite which could not have occurred without the intervention of space. The book specifies its exceptional position in the group of tektites. It describes its characteristic features and is the first to show how Moldavite can be told apart from glass or crafty fakes. It presents Moldavite as precious stones used in jewellery. It sums up the most important information about these stones to those interested in esotercism. In a unique chapter called Moldavite Deposits you can see an unprecedentd amount of Czech and Moravian examples of Moldavite with their natural beauty.

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