• Geologické mapy Evropy (1780-1918)

Geologické mapy Evropy (1780-1918)

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Tento trojjazyčný (česko/slovenský/anglický) DVD-ROM Geologické mapy Evropy (1780-1918) se zaměřením na území České republiky a Slovenské republiky je určen pro sběratele krásných map, zájemce o historii geologických oborů a historii obecně z řad laické i odborné veřejnosti. Ukázka DVD-ROMu.

Geological maps of Europe (1780-1918) with special emphasis on the territory of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic

This trilingual (Czech / Slovak / English) DVD is the continuation of publication by J. Beneš (1996). It presents 385 individual maps, 182 graphic attachments of maps and other supplementary texts in interactive form. DVD also includes brief author biographies for most of the displayed maps. 62 portraits are available in total.

Maps in this collection come primarily from funds of the archive and the library of CGS, as well as from collections of 10 other Czech and Slovak institutions (Czech National Library, National Museum, State Central Mining Archives in Banská Štiavnica and others). Several maps were borrowed from private collections. Maps cover mainly the territory of today's Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (448) as well as Slovakia (120 maps) but also display the adjacent border areas which nowadays lie in other European countries (35 maps).

This DVD-ROM is intended for collectors of beautiful maps, interested in the history of geology and history in general.

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