• Far Field of the Geological Repository in the Bohemian Massif

Far Field of the Geological Repository in the Bohemian Massif

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  • ISBN 978-80-7075-851-9
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Publikace vychází pouze v anglickém jazyce.

The publication presents the results of interdisciplinary evaluation of geological, geophysical, hydrogeological, geochemical and engeneering geological issues to be dealt with when a suitable site for high level waste and spent nuclear fuel disposal is investigated in future. The reader is introduced to the present knowledge of the far field of the repository, i.e. the rock massif between the engeneering barries of the repository and the surface biosphere, in the Czech Republic. The publication is devided into the following chapters: Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Behaviour of radionuclides in the host rock, Quaternary and exogenous processes, Problems of engineering geology, Mineralogy, Petrophysics and geomechanics of rocks, Mathematical modelling of far field processes, Assessment of the long-term stability of the repository far field, Suggestions for follow-up research. Conclusions summarize the major results. The report refers to more than 400 papers and technical reports, which the authors took into account when preparing this publication.

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